Flats for rent
in Courchevel

located in the Alpamayor Hamlet
at an altitude of 1550 metres


to Alpamayor

cosy flats and chalets for rent
Located in the Alpamayor Hamlet, the flats and chalets offered for rent are the promise of beautiful moments of conviviality and sharing.

Inside, the lines are clean and the furniture, contemporary and warm, is sublimely enhanced by touches of authentic and personal decoration.

flats for rent
but also

Top-of-the-range decoration
and equipment
4 para-hotel services
to accompany you throughout your stay
a selection
of restaurants by Philippe Legendre, MOF, 3-star chef for 20 years
3 seasons for
3 valleys
the mountain differently
the mountain differently

3 seasons for 3 valleys

Each season has its activities.

Between skiing and hiking, dog sledding and snowmobiling in winter, hiking, horseback riding, paragliding and hot air ballooning, you can choose your activities.

Follow the guide:

Rental possible from Sunday to Sunday

preferential rates

From 2 weeks onwards we offer preferential rates.

Prices also vary according to the season.